Monday, November 30, 2009

That was a long hiatus....

I can't even say it was any fun. Or that is is over. I've been consumed with work for months. It has really hurt my creative time in all ways. Not time to craft, to read about crafting, to blog, to cook, its been awful! It probably isn't over either, but it has slowed down a bit for the holiday season.


SO I'll try to get ahead a bit while I have the time...

I'll share a couple tidbits that I've stolen from Nancy, one of the SFTIO designer's blog...


Worst things that happened this weekend:

Not having  ALL the kids here for Turkey Day.

Hardly any leftovers!

Neck and shoulders really aching.


Best things that happened this weekend:

Turkey Dinner was wonderful, if I do say so myself. I had a great time visiting with the family.

Got a scrapbook page done, only one though.

Got the new craft room cleaned out. Carpet cleaners come late this week and then it'll be ready to move into!

Had a very lazy Saturday! I don't do that often. I needed it.

4 days in a row without all.! OH my!

Went to a Cincinnati Bearcat game with Steve, Cindi and Matt and FROZE my tushka OFF! But the game rocked! Our seats were GREAT!

Got my DROID phone! * happy dance* I feel like a cool kid now!

Watched Angels and Demons and Santa Buddies. First one was great, second one was cute. Vincent will love it when he comes home.

Found four boxes of pictures in the top of the garage.THE MISSING Pictures included.  It was a hard weekend to look at the photos of Pat and I growing up with Mom and Dad...but oh so good to have found them. I truly thought they'd been gone forever.


The good outweighs the bad tremendously in my life. I am grateful.

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