Thursday, July 23, 2015

I had a comment! Wow!

I didn't expect ANYONE to be reading after five years. Thank you dear Sherri. I love you and somehow we must find time to get together.

On to today's fun! First off, I received a sweet card from FB friend Laura yesterday. In my "Cards I Wish For"(CIWF)  group, I had wished for a card with tulips..and just look at the beauty I received!
I just adore the watercolor look of the stamped tulips. So sweet! Thank you Laura!

Yesterday, I also finished my second PL, It goes into the mail today. This time, Jessica from Cincinnati and I swap Project Life Pocket Letters.  We both do project life style scrapbooks, so we had lots of those style cards and embellishments. Here's shots of the one I am sending her...

No real front or back to this PL. Just lots of fun cards to use in our Project Life Scrapbooks

(btw, all the "goodies" are hidden in between the 4x6 and 3x4 pocket cards).

I have just as much fun decorating the packaging as I do make the PL!

Go Make Something fun today!

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