Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sneaking in some art time on Alumni Weekend

Its Grove City Alumni weekend, so I'm creating in between softball games. Mostly, putting finishing touches on things almost done, and progressing on a painting that isn't there yet..
Although not finished yet, this red poppies acrylic piece is coming along. Needs a lot of depth still. We'll see how that goes!  I am just a beginner in drawing and painting, but I really love doing it. I get such peace with a brush in my hand and the smell of paints in the air.

I did finish up some "scrap" using up the bits n pieces left over from other projects. And these get to be used in a swap too! Fun!

And I'll close with a pic from the ball fields. Our Cindi is the last of the Monaghan's (for now) to still be playing in the tournament.

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